Friday, January 20, 2012


I have looked at the blogs from several colleagues and commented on a few. I am impressed that some of them are already finished! Several others are almost finished. Most, however, are right about on pace with me! I can see how PLNs will be helpful. I actually use PLNs already in finding plans/ideas for my subject matter. I have used Social Networking sites on my own for a while now, but just for fun...Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, etc. I am planning on subscribing to the TAJE (Texas Assoc. of  Journalism Educators) site/serve list (are they still called that??) soon. I use their site all the time now to find lessons/Power Points that I use in Journalism I. I don't have a problem sharing my thoughts on PLNs, as I think the more people share, the better teachers we will become. Since I am the only person on our campus that teaches the courses I teach, I rely a lot on teachers from other schools in our district and across the state for ideas.

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  1. I think you mean a listserve but it's ok to call it whatever you want to call it since you're actually taking advantage of the wealth of tips, info, comments, lesson ideas you're finding there. And I'm sure you offer up just as much valuable info to others in those forums!