Friday, March 16, 2012


The only device that (I think) I am eventually receiving is the Dell Netbook. I watched the video and am excited about having a new computer. I am comfortable with the Dell and obviously use it daily at work. I will be interested to see if having the video cam would really make a difference for me.

My classroom currently has 25 desktop Apple computers and we are scheduled to get new computers next year (I believe). These computers are used extensively every day in my classroom. The school's yearbook is produced on these computers by the 40 members of the yearbook staff and my Journalism and Photojournalism classes use the computers extensively as well to learn software such as InDesign and Photoshop. I certainly consider myself proficient in using and teaching with these computers.

I personally own an Apple Macbook, an ipad and an iphone. I am very "connected" and huge Apple fan. I know the majority of our teachers are getting ipads for their classrooms. I am excited to see how these ipads are used, but I fear that they will not be used to their full potential. I agree with many of the teachers who have said that five ipads will not be enough for classes that have 30-35 students. Having 6-7 students work on one ipad is not reasonable. Two or three students at most will be actively engaged in the assignment, I would guess. Nonetheless, I am VERY glad to know that SBISD is finally coming around to the world of Apple and investing in their products and I am positive the students are excited about it as well.

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