Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I can see how Google Docs would be very useful in the classroom. Of everything I've learned thus far, this would have the most real world application. I don't have a team here on campus, per se, but I can see how journalism teachers within the district could exchange ideas/lesson plans/documents this way. In fact, a MMS teacher and I did that last year for my Photo J class.

 I've already used Google Docs some in my J1 classes. Students were working in partners on a project and having to take notes on various articles they found. I told them about/showed them Google Docs and some of them chose to use it. They were excited. A few had heard of it/used it before, but many had not. The thing I would like to try soon is the quizzes. I think my students would LOVE taking a test online. What I am curious about, though, that was not answered is if it GRADES the quiz for you and how all that works. I will go experiment with one and see if I can figure that out, as the video did not address that.

I am a little confused as to why we would create a document in Google Docs and then EMAIL it, as we were asked to do for this Tool. I thought the whole purpose of Google Docs was to AVOID the whole email chain. Am I missing something?

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