Friday, March 16, 2012


I am the only person on my campus that teaches the classes I teach, so I would be a little more challenged to collaborate with another teacher/class, but I could see how using some of the asynchronous learning tools with my two Journalism classes so my two different class periods could collaborate on various projects. The thing that immediately comes to mind is to use the tools in April when the two classes are responsible for creating the April issue of the school newspaper, The Anvil. The students could certainly use Google docs to research stories, leave notes for each other, write rough drafts, edit each other's work, etc.

For my photojournalism class, I could connect with another photo class in the district or the Houston area that would allow my students to view other students' photography work and critique it.

a. TLW share and critique photo examples with another photo class in the district.
b. During the A-Z Photo Scavenger Hunt project, typically completed in the 10-12th week of the semester.
c. Edmodo
d. Photos will be examples of specific photo techniques (framing, repetition, rule of thirds...). Students will critique examples from other students and offer feedback/constructive criticism based on criteria provided by teachers. 

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