Tuesday, March 20, 2012


1. I want to make sure my students understand the consequences of misuse of technology, both at school and in the "real world," esp. when it comes to cyber bullying or posting too much personal information about themselves in public forums. I would also want them to know how to assess online sources/websites in order to determine where the information is coming from, if it's reliable, credible, etc. Finally, I want them to understand the consequences of opening/manipulating/changing/deleting/copying files from other students. Because much of my students' work is done online and they have access to each other's files, I discuss this with my students and explain the consequences of any behavior mentioned above.
2. I could use Digizen or the Animoto lessons to address what being a good digital citizen means.
3. I would first ask them to reflect/write/blog about what THEY think it means to be a good digital citizen and then have them share their thoughts in a class discussion. We could then watch one of the Animoto lessons/videos.
4. At Open House, I let the parents know about my students' blogs and stress to them that their student will be expected to follow certain rules in place while using technology in my classroom. I could also tell them about the Atomic Learning segments.

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